Toolkit for TI DSPs

C++ Toolkit for Texas Instruments Digital Signal Processors

This product is for C++ programmers developing DSP/BIOS-based applications for Texas Instruments Da Vinci™ Digital Media Processors, and the TMS320C6000™ family of Fixed-Point and Fixed/Floating-Point Digital Signal Processors. It provides an extensive set of supplemental code libraries, sample programs and documentation that significantly extend the capabilities of the TI Code Composer Studio and Networking SDK software development tools, enabling faster development of richer and more reliable applications.

The DSP Toolkit includes the following libraries:

  • A high-performance implementation of the C++ Standard Template Library
  • An Extended Template Library of classes for advanced data structures
    • Hash Table
    • Heap
    • Sorted Vector
    • Dynamic Array
    • Circular List
    • Stack
    • Queue
    • Set
    • Iterator
  • Foundation classes for various programming tasks
    • Process threading
    • Time and Date Functions
    • STL Helper Classes
    • Regular Expressions
    • String Handling
  • Communication classes
    • I/O
    • Files
    • Pipes
    • Networking
    • Security
    • Object Serialization
  • Mathematics library of classes, algorithms and templates
    • Complex Numbers
    • Numeric Vectors
    • Matrices
    • N-Dimensional Arrays
    • LU Factorization
    • Fast Fourier Transforms
    • Random Number Generators
    • Least Squares Approximation
    • Histograms

The hundreds of classes, templates, algorithms and other elements in the libraries are supported by more than 500 sample programs and nearly 2000 pages of documentation. And, the toolkit also includes complete C++ source code for everything in the package, which enables the programmer to modify and further optimize the supplied classes as needed for the system or application design, and for easy cross-compilation each target processor.

When used in conjunction with Code Composer Studio, the Network Development SDK and the software and hardware simulation and emulation technologies that make up the TI software development environment, the Recursion C++ Toolkit brings several significant benefits to DSP programmers:

  • Optimized version of Standard Template Library enhance program performance
  • Pre-built low-level classes and templates eliminate grunt work and reinvention
  • Foundation Helper classes prevent design errors and STL class misuse
  • Device, file and network communications classes ease testing and integration
  • Extensive mathematics classes speeds development of complex applications

The Recursion Software DSP C++ Toolkit will add significant value to the full complement of application types targeted by Texas Instruments Da Vinci and C6000 processors, including machine vision, digital media, telephony, network control, speech recognition, biometrics and others. The processors supported by this product include:

  • Da Vinci™ Digital Media Processors
    • TMS320DM646x
    • TMS320DM644x
    • TMS320DM643x
    • TMS320DM64x
  • C6000™ High Performance DSPs
    • TMS320C645x
    • TMS320C6414T/15T/16T
  • C6000™ Performance Value DSPs
    • TMS320C642x
    • TMS320C6410/12/13/18
    • TMS320C62x
  • C6000™ Floating-point DSPs
    • TMS320C672x
    • TMS320C67x