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C++ Toolkit™ Library Overview

Recursion Software’s C++ Toolkits are portable, reusable class libraries packed with features that support the development of multi-threaded applications. Fully tested and commercially hardened, the C++ Toolkits will save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on higher-level development objectives. Most kits include full source code.

Recursion Software class libraries are based on ANSI/ISO industry standards that allow reuse of Recursion Software code and standard interfaces. This results in vendor independent, non-proprietary code, providing substantial time and cost savings.

C++ Toolkit Bundles

Enterprise Toolkit Package
Contains all of our C++ Class Libraries (Database, STL, ETL, Foundations, Communications, Web and Math). No charge for run-times. Source code is provided (except for Database Toolkit).
TI DSP Toolkit Package
C++ DSP Toolkits bring object serialization, design patterns, cross platform network and multi-threading APIs to TI DSPs. Leverage the advantage of writing the same C++ application code to run on both workstation and DSP. Includes hundreds of C++ example programs. [Note: An Evaluation of our DSP Toolkit can be requested through your Sales representative.]
C++ Systems Toolkit Package
Contains our Standards Template Library (STL), Extended Template Library (ETL), Math, Web, Foundations and Communications Toolkits – everything you need to save you time and money today. No charge for run-times. Source code is provided.
C++ Database Toolkit Package
Contains our Database Toolkit for servers and clients. Binary version only.
C++ Template Toolkit Package
Contains our STL and ETL Toolkits. Even if you already have an STL you should consider this Toolkit. Our ETL Toolkit contains functions not found in other Toolkits today. No charge for run-times. Source code is provided.

» Check out the C++ Toolkits Bundles Matrix for more detail on each bundle.


  • No Run-time License Fees – Our licensing model enables you to cost-effectively place powerful tools in the hands of your developers and maximize your total available dollars.
  • Source Provided – Source is provided for all toolkits except the Database Toolkit.
  • 500+ Examples Included – Ships with 500+ examples, reducing your learning curve.
  • Reduce Development Effort – Developers can focus on solving business problems.
  • Strategic Reuse – Applications run on multiple operating systems, with minimal or no code changes.
  • Thread Safety – Thread-safe use without requiring the high overhead of internal resources synchronization.
  • Portability – Consistent and intuitive API across supported platforms.
  • Extensibility – Easily extend our libraries with minimal coupling.
  • Performance – Achieve optimal performance in your multi-threaded, high-throughput applications.
  • IDE Support – Integrates smoothly with common interactive development environments (IDEs) such as Eclipse.
  • Static and Dynamic Use – Functions in both static and dynamic modes.
  • Flexibility – Works with all standards libraries plus includes an optional internal STL.

» Check out the C++ Toolkits Features and Benefits Matrix.