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Founded in 2001, Recursion Software is a leader in distributed computing, mobile agents, middleware, and mobile device computing, with over 80 patents and applications. We apply our deep technical heritage to accelerate development and deployment of mission critical mobile applications.

Our C++ and Java toolkits have helped thousands of customers develop high-performance, multi-threaded applications in industries such as defense, finance, health care, telecom, energy, automotive manufacturing and IT services.


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The company also offers C# Toolkit, a library of advanced collections, algorithms, functions, and predicates; and CliqueIt, a photo share app for Android phones that enables users to form or join communities-or cliques, send photos to the phones of clique members, and receive photos from them.

In addition, it offers C++ Toolkit Bundles, which include various toolkits that support the development of multi-threaded applications, such as Enterprise Toolkit Package that includes database, foundation, communication, Web, and math libraries; and standards template library (STL) and extended template library (ETL).

Furthermore, the company’s C++ Toolkit Bundles include C++ Database Toolkit Package that includes database toolkit for servers and clients; TI DSP Toolkit Package, which offers object serialization, design patterns, cross platform network, and multi-threading APIs to TI DSPs; and C++ Systems Toolkit Package, which includes STL, ETL, math, Web, and foundation and communication toolkits.



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