Database Toolkit™

Database Toolkit™

Cross platform distributed access to ODBC databases

The C++ Database Toolkit is a full object-oriented, cross-platform C++ Class Library solution for programmatic access to a wide range of ODBC-compliant databases.

  • Reduces the need to have multiple ODBC drivers for different databases installed on the client machines.
  • Reduces software configuration complexity because you are only required to configure and maintain your ODBC drivers in one location at the server.
  • Easy to understand C++ API that abstracts away low-level complexity, allowing for fast project ramp-up.
  • Powerful built-in C++ streaming capabilities that allow client/server interaction across multiple platforms, without the need for any vendor specific code on the client side.

The C++ Database Toolkit is comprised of a client and server. The server makes use of the native operating system’s ODBC environment to respond to the requests of various database clients. The client exposes APIs to database applications that are then portable to a wide variety of platforms.

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