Extended Template Library

ETL Toolkit™

Cross platform collections that complement and enhance the STL

ETL Toolkit contains a unique set of collections packaged to enhance the STL. It includes Sorted Vector, Dynamic Array, Hash Table, Heap as well as List, Stack, Queue, and Set structures.

  • Sorted Vector – A dynamic array that automatically sorts itself so access is done via fast binary search with lowest access time
  • Dynamic Array – Allows writing numeric array operations without loops via operator overloading, simplifying coding by reducing code size
  • Hash Table – A complete hash table which comes with its own iterator
  • Heap – Fast, full-featured implementation of the priority queue abstract data structure which utilizes dynamic arrays
  • List, Stack, Queue, Set – These structures are implemented using a singly-linked circular list, which provides a constant time for insert/ removal operations at both ends of the list.